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I’m Tammy Strobel. Welcome to my digital home!

I’m an author, photographer, traveler, and cat lover.

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Free eBook: Minimalist Health


Note: This ebook is no longer available.

Since the release of Simply Car-free, I've received an incredible number of emails from folks asking questions like:

How can I improve my health? What are the best ways to lose weight? Where can I find real food?

In response to the questions I've received, I decided to write my first free e-book. The book is 20 pages and I hope it will help you get active.

You only get one body and mind. If you don't take care of both, it's hard to create amazing art or get involved in your community. I hope this manifesto will help you improve your health and inspire you to change the world.

How to Change the World by Rethinking Your Perspective

How To Run Barefoot