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Settling into Smalltopia


I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sleep on Saturday night because I was so excited about the delivery of our little house on Sunday. Plus, I had an incredible amount of coffee on Saturday afternoon! Sisters Coffee Company celebrated their 6-month anniversary and they were giving away coffee, treats, and wine to all of their customers.

After getting high on coffee, Logan and I spent the last night in our apartment eating a simple dinner of soup, bread, vegetables, and cheese. Then we packed our kitchen and went to bed. Luckily I slept like a baby with two kittens snuggled up by my feet.

On Sunday morning, I woke up with butterfly’s in my stomach. To release some of my nervous energy, Logan sent me on an errand to Goodwill. After I dropped off lights, clothing, and an old laundry basket, Logan and I headed to the Portland Bagel Company for breakfast. As I was eating a bagel that tasted like french toast I received two photos from Katy, both of which contained pictures.

My favorite photo caption said: “Resting with the big boys.”


We couldn’t have asked for a better moving day. Katy and her dad, Steve, left Gig Harbor early Sunday morning and drove down to Portland with the little house in tow. There wasn’t much traffic and it was sunny!

Logan and I pedaled over to our new neighborhood with silly grins on our faces. Serendipitously, as we pulled up on the bikes the little house was being backed into the driveway and our friends Andrew and Michelle showed up at the same time. Talk about amazing timing!

Then the crew got to work. I stayed away from the electric power dolly and let Dee and Logan take over. They were able to navigate the house through a 90 degree turn into the yard, with a mere six inches to spare at the gate. Without the dolly, the house would not be in such a beautiful backyard.

Logan noted, “The electric dolly worked flawlessly and I think this will be an excellent tool that can help other tiny house folks park into small, beautiful places. We were able to aim the front of the house between two trees, so that we have a view of the sunset!”

We closed off the evening watching the sunset from our front porch. I’ve never seen the sunset from the numerous apartments I’ve lived in over the years. Watching the purple, pinks, and orange hues light up the sky was incredible. My eyes filled up with tears; tears of happiness and gratitude. I’m grateful for our new neighbors and all the kick-ass friends that showed up to help on Sunday.

Lessons from this wonderful experience:

Making a dream a reality takes longer than expected and I think that’s a good thing. For instance, we’ve spent the last 4 years dreaming, designing, and saving for this little house. I’m glad we didn’t charge the house on our credit card.

The culture of consumption makes it easy to buy now and pay later. I’ve often bought belongings in the moment because “I had to have it.” That type of process doesn’t offer a whole lot of time for reflection or planning. In the past, I seldom asked myself if an object would contribute to my life over the long-run, instead of just being a drain on my energy.

Our little house has already brought us an incredible amount of joy and we've only been in it for two days! I expect we'll grow to love it even more in the long-run. Waiting and planning has made this process a whole lot sweeter and saner.


You probably won’t hear much from me this week. I’ll be working on my manuscript and settling into the little house. I captured a lot of video footage on Sunday, so I’ll be sure to share the tiny film once it’s been edited.

Also I don’t have Internet at the little house yet, so it might take me a while to approve comments. 

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