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We’re Moving . . .


In early May, Logan found out that his boss, along with his job, will be moving from Portland, Oregon to Boston, Massachusetts. He was offered the same research position in Boston and it’s a sexy opportunity. The institution is a research hospital near Cambridge, Harvard, and MIT. The lab will be in a brand new, state-of-the-art research facility overlooking the Charles River. In fact, the facility is being built specifically for Logan’s boss and three other faculty that will be leading a new graduate school program.

With low living expenses, a tiny house on wheels, and my location independent job, we’ve had a lot of choices to ponder over the last three weeks. We considered towing our tiny house across the country and moving to Boston. We also talked about staying in Portland, moving back to Northern California. As we talked, Logan and I asked ourselves what our gut instinct was telling us. Our instinct was screaming, “Move back home!”

On our bike camping trip last weekend, we finally decided to move back to Northern California at the end of August. There are a lot of reasons for the move, but the biggest one is this: my dad’s health is not improving. The combination of two stokes, Parkinson’s disease and dementia have not been kind to his body or mind. We might be lucky if get a few more years with him.

The selfish part of me wants to stay in Portland. I love our friends, neighbors, and the city. But my gut tells me that I need to be closer to both my parents and to Logan’s family. If I stayed in Portland, I’d regret the decision. I don’t think I could look at myself in five years and say that I did the right thing. We have a house on wheels, so that when situations like these arise we can help family when they need us the most. In addition, Logan has been talking about shifting his career from research to teaching, his true passion. And this move will give him the opportunity and time to rethink his work.

I’m incredibly grateful; grateful for our friends, family, and our little house on wheels. Leaving Portland makes me sad, but I’m looking at this move as an opportunity; an opportunity to remake our lives, to focus on our family, and to have a whole lot of fun in Chico, CA.

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