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My Experience with iPhone Photography


Before I left for Portland, earlier this month, I struggled to choose which camera I wanted to bring with me. I have two cameras — a Nikon D5000 and my iPhone 4S. Each camera has it’s own unique advantages. For example, my Nikon is fast and the image quality is stunning. On the other hand, my iPhone camera is tiny and it enables me to take stealth photos of people, pets, and places. Plus, it’s lightweight! Since I travel lightly, I opted to leave my Nikon at home and take photos solely with my iPhone in Portland. A few friends told me that I’d regret leaving the big camera behind, but I didn’t. Walking around Portland, without the big Nikon weighing down my backpack was a nice change. In addition, carrying the iPhone and Olloclip in my pocket was convenient and I was thrilled with the quality of my travel photos!

I tell my students that they can capture everyday magic without a big and expensive DSLR. My trip to Portland reaffirmed that belief. In a lot of ways, using a point and shoot is freeing. The iPhone camera is a fantastic tool and it’s shown me, yet again, that photography isn’t about the type of camera I own. It’s about seeing the world with clarity, enjoying tiny beautiful moments, and remembering morning views.

What kind of camera do you travel with? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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