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Everyday Magic: A Trip to Longview

Last week, on Friday, my mom and I drove to Longview, WA for a memorial service for our friend Nils. It was such a sad occasion. However, I’m happy that I got to spend the weekend with my mom, reconnect with old friends, and give Nils’s wife, Majean, a big hug.

Before the memorial service on Saturday, we spent time in downtown Longview. It rained all morning, but the rain subsided while we walked in and out of little shops. Being outside felt so good after driving for so many hours on Friday. Also, we discovered a sweet little cupcake shop called, Kristi's Custom Cakes. We had extra time before the funeral, so we chatted with Kristi, drank coffee, ate cupcakes and I purchased a few more for our trip home.

Traveling together made our twelve-hour drive, to and from Longview, much more bearable. My mom and I were feeling sad, but we did our best to make the trip fun. For example, on the way home we had a cup of coffee at Coava in Portland, we took short power walks at dozens of rest areas off highway 5, and we stopped at the ranch before driving onward to Red Bluff. Since Logan couldn’t come to the memorial service, we created a goodie bag for him and filled it with all kinds of yummy treats and dropped it off on Sunday.

Today, I’m finally back at the tiny house! And I have to admit, I’m emotionally and physically exhausted. I spent the morning organizing, journalling, and creating a care package for Majean. I'm going to send her all kinds of goodies, including “this i know” by Susannah Conway. Last year, I read “this i know” twice and then loaned it to my mom. My mom loved Susannah’s words and her photos. I hope it helps Majean through this difficult time.

Micro-action: Today, do something special for your spouse, a parent or friend. Take out your journal or a notepad and write down a few ideas. And then take action!

Enjoy this week’s photo round-up!


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