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Edit Your Wardrobe


In the spirit of my friend Courtney’s upcoming micro-course — Dress with Less — I decided to share a few decluttering tips and an updated list of the items in my wardrobe.

When I started to edit my wardrobe, I did a couple of things:

First, I inventoried the stuff in my closet.

Second, over a two week period, I wrote down what I wore. This activity helped me figure out what I wore and what I left hanging in my closet.

Finally, after I looked at my list, I started the editing process. I placed a big donation bag near my closet and put the clothing I no longer wanted in the bag. In my wardrobe, I separated my clothes into a maybe group and a keep group. Eventually, the maybe group was donated to Goodwill and I only kept clothing that I loved and wore regularly.

Every season, I come back to this basic process because it helps me figure out what I really use. I hope the tips above, and my wardrobe list below, will inspire you to do some spring cleaning!

The Staples: Dresses, Leggings & My Puff

Dresses and skirts are a staple in my wardrobe because I'm not a fan of jeans and slacks. For me, they aren't comfortable. To stay warm in the winter, I layer my dresses with tights and sweaters. I also adore my Patagonia vest, which I call my "puff". I wear it all the time!

In my experience, it’s impossible to be cozy or warm in any outfit without comfortable undergarments. My undies and socks are all merino wool. Plus, I have three sets of leggings; two pairs are made out of cotton and the other from bamboo.

Below is a breakdown of the staples in my wardrobe, along with a few categories and notes:



My leggings double as pajamas bottoms and for a top I wear an old t-shirt that belonged to my dad. The t-shirt is bright yellow and it has a giant Lion's Club logo on the back and on the front of the shirt, in small lettering, it says "Lion Mahlon." The t-shirt reminds me of my dad's sweet nature and his community connections.


When I moved to the ranch, I had two pairs of shoes; flip flops and a pair of black Merrell Barefoots. I finally upgraded my shoe collection this winter because what I had wasn't doing the job. My feet were freezing, so I bough a pair of rubber boots and my mother in-law gave me a pair of slippers for my birthday.

About a month ago, I purchased two new pairs of Merrell Barefoots and one pair of Black BareTrap boots. I literally wore a holes in the soles of my old Merrell's and my feet were getting soaked in Longview. Luckily, all of the new shoes were on sale. I have a tendency to underbuy and that can get me into trouble. I'm not a fan of cold feet and wet socks! Here's a list of my shoe collection:

Parting Words


At one time, I had a giant wardrobe, overflowing with clothing. I couldn't find what I needed and spent hours getting ready in the morning.

Now, I mix and match, and more importantly, I streamlined my wardrobe to serve me. Whether you are decluttering your closet or book collection, it's important to think about how your belongings serve you and the value they bring to your life.

Share your decluttering tips in the comments section and don't forget to check out Dress with Less.

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