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Ringing in 2014 with Gratitude

“Gratitude puts everything into perspective.” ~Danielle LaPorte

Since 2010, I’ve conducted an annual review. I write about what went well over the past year and what I’d like to see happen in the year ahead. Recently, I finished reading The Desire Map and I completed the workbook. The Desire Map helped me think differently about my annual review, how I want to feel next year, and my intentions for 2014.

As I reviewed 2013, I was struck by the themes that emerged over and over again. They were similar to the themes that cropped up during 2012. Like 2012, 2013 marked by growth, change, and transition.

Today, I will share a brief 2013 wrap-up & highlights from my desire-mapping process:

1. We moved from the ranch to Red Bluff, in May, where we stayed for a few months. Then we moved to Chico. Our Chico plans were foiled because of zoning issues. However, it all worked out for the best.  Logan and I moved back to Siskiyou County in September. I’m grateful that we are living here again because I feel happy, secure, and we have awesome neighbors. For now, we are planning on staying in the area. We might move in the future, but the tiny house isn’t going anywhere.

2. After my step-dad, Mahlon, died I felt depressed and lost. There are numerous reasons why I felt this way and I won’t go into them here. I will say that experiencing depression and grief taught me to embrace life and to practice gratitude.

3. I will write a book about about loss, grief, and joy, eventually. For now, I’m letting the project simmer.  If I publish a book on loss, it has to be helpful and right now my rough draft isn’t ready to share with the world.

4. Traveling to the east coast was an awesome adventure! I had the opportunity to reconnect with my family and explore various cities, and states, with Logan. It was a blast!

5. In July, I hurt my back and I was housebound for a month. It took roughly two months for me to feel like a normal human again. Experiencing so much pain taught me many lessons, like prioritizing my health. Since my injury, I move my body with greater care and intention.

6. January 1, 2014 marks the fourth year that I’ve been running my micro-business. I’m grateful and honored that I get to spend my days writing, teaching and taking photos. Thank you for supporting my work.

2014 Intentions

“Set out to do three or four things this year with gusto and excellence, rather than doing a dozen things just sufficiently. Trust me on this." ~Danielle LaPorte

The Desire Map helped me get clear on how I want to feel in all aspects of my life.  During 2014, I want to feel joyful, creative, grateful, and at ease in my personal and professional life.  To make those feelings a reality I plan to accomplish the following:

  • I will launch a photography book! The book is tentatively titled: My Morning View: An iPhone Photography Project about Gratitude, Grief & Good Coffee. I have to admit, I'm scared to share this project with you. It feels vulnerable because it isn’t a narrative based book. At the same time, I'm excited about this new project. Stay tuned for launch date details.

  • I will create content for A Simple Year. I’m psyched about this collaborative course. Also, I’m working on a new e-course about creativity.

  • I will no longerignore the aches and pains in my body. Since I hurt my back, I’ve been paying close attention to my physical health. When it’s cold, I dress in layers to make sure my back stays warm. And, rather than trying to lift something heavy and “push through” pain, I've been asking Logan for help.

  • I will make time for long walks, coffee dates with my girlfriends, date nights with Logan, and mini-adventures.

Parting words

Like Courtney,I am going internet-lite until January 6. My plan is simple; I will check email and social networks every 48 hours. Also, I won’t share any happy links until the new year.

I will be working on key projects, sharing My Morning View images, and digging into my new day planner.  Last week, I decided to switch from a digital planner to an old school paper planner. I looked at a few options online and decided to wait a few days before I purchased something new. When I checked the mail on Tuesday, I found a sweet present! My friend Courtney sent me The Desire Map Daily Planner; perfect timing and a perfect planner for the new year.

Enjoy the holidays!

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