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The Joy of Living Small

{Every week, I publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy!}

I don’t have many happy links to share with you this week. I’ve been busying writing, reading, and taking photos. So, I haven’t read many essays online. Today, I have stories and updates to share with you. Enjoy!

Ladies Home Journal

Earlier this week, I went to the dentist to get a filling. As I waited for my turn in the dentist’s chair, I was browsing the magazine section. I picked up the latest issue of Ladies Home Journal and was shocked to find our story inside the magazine. I was interviewed for this article in September 2013. Then they sent a photographer out to take pictures of us, and the tiny house, in December 2013. I forgot the article was coming out. Go pick up the March issue!

Kitty in a Tree


Last weekend, our grey furry companion climbed thirty feet into a tree. She was spooked by the neighbors dog and was trying to find a safe spot. Apparently, climbing a giant tree was the best option. Logan was the hero of the day because he climbed up a tall ladder to rescue Elaina. On the way down the ladder, she was hanging onto Logan’s arm and shoulder. Then she launched off Logan’s butt when he was about six feet from the ground. She wasn’t patient with Logan’s recuse plan. Thankfully, Elaina wasn’t injured or hurt.

Rebecca Green

The amazing Rebecca Green, from myblankpaper.com, gifted us three beautiful illustrations of our little house. Her beautiful art, along with a story about my book, will appear soon in the Dutch issue of Flow Magazine. I adore Flow Magazine and I’m thankful they have an English version.

Good Reads

Currently, I’m reading “Life Lessons” and “Still Writing.” I highly recommend both books.

Writing in the Digital Age & The Sacred Alone

My writing class is open for registration. I’m only teaching this course once in 2014. If you are considering joining the class, now is the time. And speaking of writing I loved reading, “The Virtues of Pen and Paper in a Digital Era.”

Also, I registered for Susannah Conway’s new e-course. It’s called “The Sacred Alone” and it looks amazing!

My Morning View: An iPhone Photography Project about Gratitude, Grief & Good Coffee

And last but not least, my photography book is coming together nicely. We recently finished the interior layout and I sent it to author and photographer friends for review this week. If all goes well it will be out by the end of March. I will keep you posted!

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