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On Daily Life


Last week, I brainstormed article topics to write about during the month of September. I also crowdsourced topics by asking folks on Facebook and Twitter what they needed help with and what types of posts they wanted to read on RowdyKittens.

One reader requested:

Maybe a week's worth of "daily diary"? I think it would be interesting to know how you spend your days. But then I'm probably just nosy!

I won’t be sharing a detailed daily dairy with you because that would be boring! If you only looked at my Instagram photos, you might assume that all I do is drink coffee, play with my cats, and hike in the forest. However, my life isn’t that exciting. Mundane tasks like laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning the toilet are part of my daily life. Plus, I have to work too.


Today, I’m going to share a very rough snapshot of how I spend my days:

  • Since Logan and I share a car — and live 12 miles outside town — we have to coordinate our daily schedules. My routine looks slightly different if I work at home or in town.
  • Typically, I wake-up between 5.30 and 7 a.m., make coffee, water the garden, and take a photograph of my morning view. Then I start working on writing projects (like blog posts and e-courses). I try to do most of my writing in the morning when I’m fresh and less distracted.
  • In the afternoons, I focus on administrative tasks (like email, bookkeeping, etc.). I also read, research topics for work projects, and go for another walk.
  • In the evenings, Logan and I cook dinner at home, talk about our workday, and do chores. I also spend time taking photos, reading, and sitting on the front porch watching the birds and clouds.
  • I meditate before I go to sleep around 9 p.m.

You’ve probably noticed a theme in the bullet points above. I love to walk. When I walk everyday, I feel healthy and productive. If I spend too much time inside, I get cabin fever and that isn’t good for me, my loved ones, or my work.


When I’m outside walking, I take lots of photographs with my iPhone 5s and my best writing ideas surface. Recently, I’ve been using the dictation feature in my iPhone. When I have an idea on the trail — or on the treadmill — I open the Evernote app and record my thoughts. When I'm done walking, I edit my draft in Evernote. I can do this on my iPhone or laptop because Evernote syncs across devices. It’s a sweet tool to capture ideas on the go.

I’m incredibly fortunate and I love my job. However, it isn’t easy or picture perfect. I worry about money, the long-term viability of my business, and if my work helps readers and students. On the other hand, I love setting my own schedule. It makes my daily life interesting, even when I do mundane chores.

Be well,


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