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A Photo Essay: Kangaroo Lake

A Photo Essay: Kangaroo Lake

I don't have a consistent salary each month because my book sales and e-course enrollment vary. Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace that uncertainty by saving money. Saving my cash makes my non-salary life sustainable. Despite the income fluctuations, I love my job because my schedule is flexible. It’s also given me the gift of time. Now, I’m able to make time for adventures everyday (whether that's a hike in the park or playing hookie from work to be a tourist in my community).

So, when my father-in-law invited me to Kangaroo Lake I said “yes!" Visiting the lake had been on my to-do list and the invite was perfect timing. Plus, I met my father-in-law's fishing buddy and his dogs Charlie and Daisy. The dogs were friendly, snuggly, and loved the lake.

While the guys fished, I wandered around the lake taking photos. While I walked, I thought about a future writing project, an upcoming trip to Sacramento, and my step-dad, Mahlon. Mahlon loved to fish and he would have enjoyed Kangaroo Lake. I missed him a lot yesterday; especially his laugh and sense of humor.

I try to honor Mahlon’s memory everyday by working hard, by making time to play, and by practicing gratitude. I feel incredibly fortunate to live in such a beautiful area.

I hope my photo round-up inspires you to pick up your camera and go outside.

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