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Why I'm Breaking Up with Social Media

Why I'm Breaking Up with Social Media

I support the social internet. I’m incredibly wary of social media.

– Cal Newport

I’m breaking up with all things social media – which includes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. 

Here’s why: 

1.    Social media is a distraction from my creative work and other life pursuits.

2.    I have major concerns with how Facebook collects and uses data.

3.    Instagram – acquired by Facebook in 2012 – no longer brings me joy. That’s a direct result of the algorithm, advertising, and their data tracking practices. 

Moving forward, I won’t share my creative work on Facebook’s platforms or Twitter. 

Instead, here’s where you can find my photography and writing online:  

1. RowdyKittens.com—is my home base online; it’s where I’ll share my daily writings and photos. You can subscribe via email or RSS.

2. Books, courses, and freelance articles. I’ll announce new projects on my blog!

As a company of one, my creative energy and time are limited, and breaking with social media is in my best interest. Maybe I’ll get back together with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter in the future, but as of this writing, using social media doesn’t foster focus or happiness in my personal and professional life.

I’ll leave you with this quote by Derek Sivers:

" ... But the more I thought about it, the less I liked my implied support. I’m sick of being insincere. I’m against centralized platforms. I strongly prefer a decentralized internet

Maybe the fact that I use Facebook to share my blog posts is a tiny tiny reason why others are still using it ... Maybe if I quit going entirely, it will help my friends quit, too.

I’ve snapped out of the silly fear that people won’t find me if I’m not there. If they care at all, they’ll find me."


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