I’ve been taking photographs since I was a little girl. However, I didn’t start calling myself a photographer until I was in my twenties. Before that, I assumed that I had to have a degree in the arts to call myself a photographer. I made the same assumption about writing too. Luckily, I realized that isn’t true. To understand a subject, you don’t need a formal degree. But you do need experience, determination, grit, and the willingness to keep learning throughout your life. One way I keep learning is by taking photographs each day.


After my step-dad, Mahlon, died in June 2012, I decided to focus on a creative project to honor his memory. I began a daily photography project called My Morning View: An iPhone Photography Project about Gratitude, Grief & Good Coffee on January 1, 2013. Also, I published a book about the project. I ended the project on the 6th anniversary of my dad's death.

Even though I ended My Morning View, I didn't give up my daily photography practice, my love of photography, or taking coffee themed photos. 


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